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Climate Change: Artists Respond

Artists are informal agents of social change, commenting and sometimes lobbying on all sorts of issues. So, how do they respond to climate change? LabforCulture asked researcher Lidia Varbanova to investigate culture's response to the issue of sustainability.

Many scientists agree that climate change, including global warming, is possibly one of the greatest threats and one of the biggest challenges facing our society today. In response to this global problem, artistic communities across Europe are initiating projects to bring about changes that can stabilise the climate and secure our sustainable future. Individual artists are also addressing the problem in various disparate ways: creating art works, public installations and projects; setting up online platforms for sharing of information and knowledge; and designing innovative projects that connect arts with science, research, technology and engineering.

This Research in focus, produced by Lidia Varbanova in cooperation with prominent artists, experts and professionals, looks at individual and collective artistic practices in Europe and beyond. It also looks at the way we share knowledge and experience on initiating and running such artistic projects. By highlighting artistic projects, online platforms and individual viewpoints, it hopes to raise awareness about climate change among artistic communities across Europe, and to make this issue more visible to a wider circle of arts managers, curators, researchers, educators and experts, as well as to the general public.

To participate in the debate, please visit www.labforculture.org/en/home/contents/climate-change-artists-respond