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Members' Activities 2011

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Encouraging Private Investment in the Cultural Sector

Questionnaire on Good Practices and Existing Problems

The Culturelink Network invites you to participate in the research study Encouraging Private Investment in the Cultural Sector, that its focal point IMO is currently undertaking on behalf of the European Parliament (see letter of confirmation). Please respond to the short questionnaire below that has been designed in order to pool your knowledge and experience, as insights learned through this exercise will bring benefit to all those in Europe that are working on enhancing the cultural sector.

Currently there is no precise picture of how different EU member states encourage private funding of culture and what the financial consequences of their policies are. The absence of common understanding of basic terms, the diversity of national approaches, as well as a lack of relevant data, at EU and Member State level, make the discussion of the importance of private financing of arts and culture difficult. This means that currently it is hardly possible to properly assess and understand the socio-economic aspect of the encouragement of private funding in the cultural sector.

The study Encouraging Private Investment in the Cultural Sector is designed to help to fill this gap, providing the European Parliament with a better understanding of the importance of public incentives for private funding of culture, as well as assessing how good practises at national level can improve financial sustainability of cultural producers. It will try to identify general trends in the EU regarding the private financing of the cultural sector together with interesting examples of new practices and policies in EU member states. The study will try to identify main motivations for financing the cultural sector as well as the main obstacles faced by private investors.

In order to make a comprehensive overview of the issues in question we are trying to find out about existing examples of good practices that could be of use for the elaboration of possible recommendations on the EU level. Thus we are kindly asking you for your input. Please share your knowledge and views with us and to take time to fill in the following short questionnaire. Relevant insights learned through this exercise will bring benefit to all those in Europe that are working on enhancing the cultural sector.

In the questionnaire we ask you to disclose some financial data. This will be used for the purpose of the study in an aggregated form, but it will not be disclosed any further than to the research team.

Please fill in the linked short questionnaire (MS Word format, 53 kB) and return it to Aleksandra Uzelac at auzelac@irmo.hr. We would appreciate receiving your answers by 11 February 2011.

We thank you in advance for your effort and information! Also please feel free to disseminate the questionnaire to your colleagues that you feel may provide relevant insight for this study.

In the meantime, should you have any questions or wish to find out more information, please contact:

Vesna Čopič, Lead researcher, e-mail: vesna.copic@gmail.com, tel.: +386-1-4005253


Aleksandra Uzelac, Project coordinator, e-mail: auzelac@irmo.hr