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Media Policies: Country Practices within the EU Media Regulatory Framework

Culturelink would like to draw your attention to the round table organized by the Culturelink Network focal point, the Institute for International Relations (IMO), in cooperation with the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) on Media Policies: Country Practices within the EU Media Regulatory Framework. The round table took place in Zagreb on 10 December 2010, and gathered over forty participants: experts involved in the MEDIADEM project and researchers and stakeholders of media policy in Croatia. Speakers discussed the national media regulatory practices and the influence the European Union exerts on the media policies.

The round table encompassed three sessions. The first session was dedicated to Media Landscapes: Dynamics of Traditional and New Media in Contemporary Media Markets. Speakers from Croatia, Spain and Germany highlighted the challenges that the new media bring to the media regulatory practices with the emphasis on the specific country practices. This dynamic relationship between traditional and new media inspired the discussion on the future of media policies and democratization processes. The second session focused on Actors of Media Regulation and Media Regulatory Approaches. The speakers from Croatia, Greece and United Kingdom gave a thorough insight into the national regulatory actors and the influences that the EU law exerts on domestic regulatory practices. The third session Media Policies and Democratic Politics: The Quest for Free and Independent Media concentrated on the experiences from the countries of Southeastern Europe. Speakers from Turkey, Croatia and Bulgaria discussed the role of media being important factor in promoting or hindering democratic and political processes. The lively discussion during the round table showed the importance of gathering together academics and media policy stakeholders in order to obtain different in-views on the pertinent issues of media policy regulation. The variety of observations on the EU and national institutions and regulatory practices inspired observations on the future policy development.

The book of abstracts is available at: