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we are more campaign

In October 2010, Culture Action Europe, the umbrella advocacy organisation for arts and culture, launched the Europe-wide campaign we are more. The campaign that will run until 2013, calls on European decision-makers to strengthen the recognition of the role of arts and culture in the development of our European societies, by explicitly supporting culture in the upcoming EU political negotiations on the 2014-2020 budget.

The opportunity to influence the EU budget only comes once every decade, and as well as mobilising Culture Action Europe's membership that covers over 100 members and 50.000 arts and culture players across Europe the campaign will seek to mobilise everyone who cares about culture in Europe. In order to influence EU cultural policy, the advocacy has to start on local, regional and national level. Culture Action Europe therefore wants to link up with as many ongoing advocacy initiatives and campaigns across Europe as possible. To get in contact with the campaign team, please write to campaign@wearemore.eu

Simple tools for the support of the we are more campaign can be found in the join-section at www.wearemore.eu