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E-Journal: Creative Economics and Social Innovations

Call for Papers

Edited by Vladimir I. Ionesov, Creative Economics and Social Innovations is a transdisciplinary, scientific e-journal on theory and practice of managing changes, economics, communication, social and cultural studies. The Journal represents a continuation of the international scientific forum Social Innovations in Cultural Process and is published by the Samara Institute Higher School of Privatization and Enterprise / International Network for Study of Creative Economics and Social Innovations.

The journal contains the following sections:

  • theory and practice of managing the changes,
  • creative economics and art management,
  • social innovations and economics of knowledge,
  • communication and public relations,
  • social and cultural studies.

In the first (summer) issue of the Journal the general subject is Managing Change in a Multicultural World: Global Contex and Regional Specifics. Authors who share interest in publishing their works in the December (winter) issue may submit them by 10 October 2011.

For additional queries, please e-mail acdis@mail.ru or samartis@yandex.ru, or see www.samin.ru/cesi