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Cultural Identity Politics in the (Post-) Transitional Societies

Cultural Identity Politics in the (Post-) Transitional Societies (Eds. Aldo Milohnić and Nada Švob-Đokić, Culturelink Joint Publication Series, Zagreb, 2011), is a collection of papers presented at the conference Questioning Transitional Dynamics in Re-defining Cultural Identities in Southeastern Europe, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 15-16 January 2011. It is the result of a research project of the same title (rci.mirovni-institut.si/project.html), supported by ASO Ljubljana on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research, and by the East-East: Partnership beyond Borders Programme of the Open Society Foundations. The project was implemented in cooperation between the Peace Institute, Ljubljana (rci.mirovni-institut.si); the Institute for International Relations, Zagreb, Culturelink Network's focal point; the University of Arts, Belgrade; and the Department of Social and Economic History at the University of Vienna.

Apart from the Foreword and the Report on the Conference, the book has three main chapters: Histories, Memories and National Identities; Communication, Media and Cultural Identities; and Productivity, Creativity and Unstable Identities. These parts link the historical perspectives of the identity politics in Southeastern Europe to develop the issue of national cultural identification through communication, media and cultural identities, and to show how present-day cultural and artistic productivity and creativity influence unstable and ever more individualized identities in the region. The national and collective identifications typical of the initial phases of transition from socialism to capitalism now give way to post-transitional perspectives of globalized and increasingly open cultural communication, expressed in unstable, quickly changing identities.

The book is available for free download in pdf format.