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In Memoriam: Dragan Klaic (1950–2011)

The sudden sad news that Dragan Klaic passed away on 25 August, has left us in shock, as we have lost not only a great scholar, but also a close friend.

Dragan Klaic showed us that through our work we really can make a difference: his passion for cultural research and activism was evident in his lectures, teaching and writing. His provocative interventions at numerous conferences and workshops often caused heated discussions that left no one indifferent. He was a true cosmopolitan who believed in the power of culture and who was dedicated to cultural networking that always resulted in actions, projects, books, research… As renowned cultural analyst, Dragan always stressed the importance of international networks, especially for cultural NGOs in Southeastern Europe in acquiring new practices, new experiences. In his mind, this would need to be one of the objectives of cultural policy: to stimulate the participation of local cultural practitioners in international cultural networks. Without numerous pulsating, vibrant, inclusive, dynamic, learning networks – Dragan would say – nothing will be happening in international cultural cooperation.

Dragan Klaic will be sorely missed for his dedication to the further development of culture and cultural policy in Europe, for his dynamism and his humor.

With our condolences to his family, we thank him for allowing us be part of his network.

The Culturelink Team