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The Influence of Democratic Republicanism on Gentry-Intellectuals of Late Imperial China Reflects the Great Spirit of the 1911 Revolution

On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of China's 1911 Revolution, which overthrew the two thousand years old monarchy system and established democratic republicanism, the longtime member of the Culturelink Network (from its inception in 1989), Gao Xian of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed the influence of democratic republicanism on gentry-intellectuals in the late imperial China. Mr. Gao Xian's analysis is devoted to the role of the intellectual strata (represented mainly by gentry-scholars, and the Gao family in particular) in the introduction of republicanism. The proliferation and popularization of modern democratic republicanism in China has marked a crucial historical change that introduced modernization processes to this country.

This analysis is available online in PDF format.