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Welcome to Croatia!

After Culturelink's Cultural Forum on networks, identities and intercultural dialogue, held at the end of November 2011 at the Mimara Museum in Zagreb (see C-News no. 65/November-December 2011), one of the lecturers, François de Bernard, President of the French association GERM (Groupe d'etudes et de recherches sur les mondialisations) published the article "Welcome to Croatia!" in the journal Le Monde of 27 December 2011, on the occasion of the conclusion of the Accession Agreement between the EU and the Republic of Croatia. This article received a strong and positive echo in Croatian and foreign media, and in the cultural/scientific milieu. Numerous portals have brought it in Croatian translation. The author underlined the cultural and scientific potential with which Croatia will enter the EU. All this happened just before the EU accession referendum of the Croatian citizens, held on 22 January 2012.

You can read François de Bernard's article at the following site: www.lemonde.fr/idees/article/2011/12/27/welcome-to-croatia_1622889_3232.html