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Global Enviro-Changes

Call for Artists

Global Enviro-Changes is a call for works open to artists of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds interested in making contributions through visual artistic creations mainly by drawing, painting or digital art. All works must be original creations and must be new art works. The project is part of ArtXchanges-Global which is a platform for artistic exchanges and collaboration by Cameroonian art museum Mus'Art Gallery. The artworks should reflect current environmental changes as seen through the eyes of an artist; how it affects humanity and mother earth. The works should be able to either showcase the good-sides or devastating nature on one side and how man is struggling to address environmental changes today. Global Enviro-Changes will be used by the museum in creating awareness on current environmental changes showcasing works by artists from all over the world. All participating artists will receive a certificate of participation from the museum and all artworks will be retained by the museum.

Peter Musa, Director of Mus'Art Gallery, is member of the Culturelink Network.

Application deadline is 30 September 2012. All artists need to agree to donate their works to the museum.

Please send works to: ArtXchanges-Global 4 Mus'Art Gallery, P.O Box 21, KUMBO, North West Region, Cameroon - Africa; e-mail: administration@musartgallery.org; www.musartgallery.org