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Remembering the late Professor Aggrey Brown

Professor Aggrey Brown was among the first members of the Culturelink Network, since its foundation in 1989. His support and enthusiasm, his knowledge and experience were invaluable, not only to our starting efforts of establishing and developing communication with cultural networks and institutions worldwide, but also in our later work, when our research focused on changes influenced especially by the development of new information and communication technologies, and on dynamics of communication. New ways and new actors of global communication opened new possibilities of networking and promoting intercultural dialogue. In this context, the participation of Professor Brown in the Second World Culturelink Conference, held in 2005 in Zagreb, was of essential significance to all us at Culturelink.

Professor Aggrey Brown was Director of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC), Mona, Jamaica, from 1979 to 2002, and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education at the University of the West Indies, from 2002-2005. His main areas of research were the impact of culture on communication and the role of media and communication in development. His dedication to the issues of the diversity of cultural communication, his faith in the power of culture and communication, his sense of critical reflection, had an influence on many Culturelink members. Both we and professor Brown regretted sincerely that he was not able to revisit Zagreb at the occasion of the Third World Culturelink Conference, dedicated to networks and the evolving aspects of culture in the 21st century.

We are proud that the proceedings of the Second World Culturelink Conference include an article by Professor Aggrey Browna, in which, with his finishing words, he addressed the Caribbean youth, which have the opportunity to link globally, but at the same time, prophetically, warned of the need for a less market-driven and more socially conscious use of the Internet.

"Web surfing, music, game playing, and chat - the most popular uses of the Internet by Caribbean youth, expose them to virtual worlds that are essentially not of their own making but which nonetheless, are communities of interest to which they have the opportunity to link globally, hampered only by language barriers and the perennial stultifying effects of illiteracy - two phenomena that can be overcome by a less market-driven and more socially conscious use of the Internet itself." (The Internet, Cultural Networks and Diversity of Cultural Communication: The Case of the Caribbean, in Dynamics of Communication: News Ways and New Actors, Biserka Cvjeticanin (ed.), Institute for International relations, Culturelink Joint Publications Series No. 10, Zagreb, 2006)

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