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Cultural Networks in the Critical Dictionary

Recently, GERM - the Group for Study and Research on Globalisations, a partner of Culturelink, has published an article on cultural networks in its Critical Dictionary. This Dictionary is very useful for all who are interested in different phenomena of our time: from the notions of globalisation(s) and anti-globalisation, intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity, identities, migration, nationalism, transition, unemployment, etc., to cultural networks as an authentic expression of cultural change.

Today, the whole field of international relations is marked by the activities of transnational and transcultural networks, whose focus is on developing the understanding of the interdependence of cultures. Cultural networks have an important position in redefining global communication and cooperation. They introduce new ideas and working methods to international cultural relations, based on democratisation, decentralisation and non-institutionalisation. Cultural networks embrace people from all over the world, with different fields of interest and experiences, but sharing a commitment to intercultural communication.

The author of the article on Cultural Networks in GERM's Critical Dictionary, Biserka Cvjeticanin from Culturelink/IRMO, stresses that we are entering a phase of network development that will be marked by the creation of new, networked, cultural identities. Networked cultures and identities do not mean the end of networks and networking, or a static form of existence: their future lies in the dynamic processes of transformation and change.

To see the full article please visit: www.mondialisations.org/php/public/art.php?id=36018&lan=EN