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The Loss of Values

These days Diane Dodd, Regional Coordinator for Europe, sent to the cultural policy community worldwide an announcement of the imminent closure of ConnectCP, the international who's who of cultural policy, planning and research, which was originally launched by IFACCA in 2006. Many of us still remember Diane's contribution to the Second World Culturelink Conference in 2005, when she explained the aims of this unique project to mobilize human resources and knowledge, and help the flow of cultural policy information. ConnectCP became an indispensable, authentic database of experts, researchers, academics, policy-makers, practitioners and advocates with specialist knowledge in areas of cultural policy issues, from around the world.

To achieve this, great effort, knowledge and persistence were invested into ConnectCP. Which are now nullified with a single stroke. Of course do cultural networks represent a flexible model of communication, some are disappearing, others are transforming, while many new ones are appearing, always bringing new ideas and forms of exchange, participation and dialogue. These dynamics are innate to the nature of networks. Do we, however, ever ask ourselves about the values we are losing through their disappearance? ConnectCP offers a wealth of data on the basis of which important analyses could and can be made of the predominant cultural phenomena in the present-day world. This valuable cultural and human capital will soon, at best, be visible in archival traces. The European Union, which so nicely likes to state that an intercultural Europe is une affaire de reseaux, should support and make possible the continuation and further development of these international dialogue opportunities for over a thousand cultural policy professionals from 128 countries.

Biserka Cvjeticanin
Culturelink Director