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Members' Activities 2014

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The Roberto Cimetta Fund: A Knowledge-Sharing Virtual Forum

The Roberto Cimetta Fund is pleased to announce that a knowledge-sharing virtual forum will be set up by the beginning of April 2014 in a spirit of international collaboration and generosity. The network of artists initiated by the Roberto Cimetta Fund embraces individuals from the Arab world and the wider Europe. The main objectives are to share knowledge on the conditions in which the participants of the forum are working particularly in the Arab and Balkan regions, to communicate the similarities and dissimilarities of these conditions, to identify the specific and shared problems or challenges faced by the members, to collectively search for solutions that can be implemented (reciprocally or effectively) and elaborate realistic strategies through collective actions or support through members' own communities or countries.

If you are interested in this initiative, please contact the Roberto Cimetta Fund at info@cimettafund.org; www.cimettafund.org