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Members' Activities 2015

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THRIVE - Networking Culture Leaders Workshop

At the end of August, IFACCA organised the THRIVE workshop, in partnership with the European League of Institutes of the Arts and the Arts Network Asia and supported by ASEF Creative Networks and the National Arts Council of Singapore (NAC), inviting 16 representatives of international cultural networks from Asia and Europe, including Culturelink, to gather at the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore on 28 - 31 August 2015.

The aim of the workshop was to provide international culture networks with an opportunity to build relationships and enhance leadership, to develop future collaborations between Asia and Europe and advance networking within the culture sector in Asia, and to create a resource that will benefit networks on both continents. The workshop discussions were informed by an IFACCA Discussion Paper, entitled International Culture Networks: A Preliminary Analysis, based on a conducted survey of culture networks. The workshop's discussions focused on sharing experiences and discussing ways to improve the operations and the impact of networks, and on developing the leadership skills that are required to sustain networks and enable them to thrive.

The workshop sessions covered issues such as corporate governance and network leadership; evaluating the impact of networks and improving practices; diversifying funding sources; communications, advocacy and building alliances; and regional issues. The workshop closed with a public session on Global Issues for International Culture Networks: Perspectives from Asia and Europe, held on the last day of the THRIVE workshop, allowing for an open dialogue between THRIVE participants and about 80 participants from Singapore cultural life. More information can be found at IFACCA's website at ifacca.org/announcements/2015/09/02/thrive-workshop-networks-networkers/

Considering the issue of cultural networking pertinent for the present-day cultural policymaking, Culturelink has tackled the issue of cultural networks through several conferences and publications. We invite you to respond to the IFACCA Network's SURVEY which is available in English at: www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2177374/THRIVE-Networking-Culture-Leaders and in Spanish at: 1www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2202035/THRIVE-Trabajo-en-red-de-agentes-culturales. The results will be made available in the Discussion Paper on International Culture Networks that is expected to be published as a D'art Report in October.

Culturelink was represented by Aleksandra Uzelac, Head of the Culture and Communication Department at IRMO.