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European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2016/2017

The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2016/2017 is the 26th edition of this pan-European training program for project-oriented European cultural managers organized by the Foundation Marcel Hicter and supported by the Council of Europe. The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management is a pan-European training program arising from the will to foster cultural diversity and interregional exchanges as a way of giving culture a stronger place in Europe and abroad. Since the establishment of the European Diploma in 1989, 560 professionals from 44 European and world countries, active in the field of cultural project management, followed this course. The main objective of the program is twofold:

  • to enable cultural managers, having already good management capacities, to better integrate their co-operation projects - which link identity, culture and economy - in a European perspective;
  • to insert European projects in regional cultural development policies.

The programme is designed for project-oriented European cultural managers from public and private organizations, with at least two years of professional experience in developing and spreading artistic/cultural projects. Participants should have a good knowledge of European, national and regional cultural policies and developed skills in the management of cultural projects. The training lasts one year and includes three elements - theory, practice and evaluation - which are organized in five stages: two residential phases that last 9 days in the partner countries of the Diploma, interspersed by a phase of field work in the participant's home country and a one week period spent in another European region, plus one week evaluation phase. The residential phases will take place in Luxembourg and Albania, and the evaluation phase in Delphi (Greece). Most of the expenses for this training programme are covered by the organizer and its partners.

Application deadline is 15 January 2016. Applications forms are available at www.fondation-hicter.org/. The complete file must be sent to the Association Marcel Hicter by e-mail and by post.

Contact: Association Marcel Hicter, 1 Avenue Maurice, B - 1050 Brussels, Belgium, tel.: +32 2 641 89 80; fax: +32 2 641 89 81; e-mail: contact@fondation-hicter.org; www.fondation-hicter.org/