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Congratulations to Rijeka, European Capital of Culture 2020!

Rijeka, a major port in Croatia, has been designated European Capital of Culture 2020. This is a great challenge for Rijeka in its effort to promote the developmental dynamics of the city and to approach culture and creativity as essential developmental resources.

Three core programme clusters, Water, Work and Migrations are symbolically covered under one theme - Port of Diversity. Rijeka is a true port, with its diversity, its mobility, twenty two national minorities and population changes, marked by numerous migrations both to and from the city. Different cultures have developed an intercultural dialogue, creating a tradition of tolerance and openness as fundamental values. Rijeka is also a city marked by water, owing its name to water (Fiume, River, Fleuve), a fluid city both literally and metaphorically.

Rijeka is one of the richest cities in industrial heritage worldwide. The transformation of industrial heritage into 'communication of tomorrow', into new places for cultural life of the city and of the entire region, will contribute to a new perception of culture as communication and networking. A dynamic cultural scene, ambitious University, traditional music and rock music, digital culture and interconnection of education and new technologies contribute not only to the diversity of cultural life but also to the economic development, asserting the transversal power of culture.

Rijeka has traditionally been an intercultural city. During its long turbulent history as well as in present times, it is characterized by tolerance, respect of diversity, open dialogue and interaction of different cultural groups within society. As European Capital of Culture 2020, Rijeka will certainly know how to include these values in its further sustainable development.

Culturelink congratulates Rijeka and the other three Croatian candidate cities, Dubrovnik, Osijek and Pula, for their excellent programmes in the competition and wishes Rijeka the best in the implementation of its programme as European Capital of Culture 2020.

Biserka Cvjeticanin

Rijeka 2020 website: www.rijekaepk.eu/en