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International Cultural Networks

IFACCA D'Art Report 49: International Culture Networks (2016, 101 pages), prepared by Annamari Laaksonen, was produced with the aim to identify existing skills and knowledge exchange possibilities, capacity building needs and challenges of leadership and advocacy in international cultural networks. The report is based on a survey which posed a series of questions about the various ways in which cultural networks operate, including their resources, membership and activities, their views of the purpose of cultural networks, challenges and potential solutions, and their visions for the future. The report includes responses from more than 50 cultural networks in 32 countries from across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific.

Today, the entire field of international relations involves the activities of transnational and transcultural networks. Cultures cannot develop 'next to each other', but rather through complex intercultural dialogues/interactions. What is essential for the promotion of intercultural dialogue is inherent to cultural networks, i.e., a democratic and non-discriminatory approach to culture and cultural diversity, openness towards other cultures, a widening space for cooperation. However, the uncertainties marking our times have made the formulation of strategic lines of development difficult. As Aleksandra Uzelac, member of the Culturelink Team, points out in the introductory chapter of the D'Art Report, cultural networks today face many challenges, and the one important question they continue to ask themselves is how they can be socially engaged and yet remain financially viable? Different issues are discussed, including governance issues (how to ensure the networks really represent their members' needs); business models (how to achieve sustainability of their activities, how to get policy-makers to understand the value and role of networks); communication models (mastering digital tools and understanding the logic of digital networks).

This report is especially valuable for discussions at future conferences and summits, such as at the 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture on Cultural Leadership in the 21st Century, to be held in Malta on 18 - 21 October 2016.

To obtain the D'Art Report 49, please visit: www.ifacca.org

Culturelink Team