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RESTAURA - Revitalising Historic Buildings through Public-Private Partnership Schemes

Cultural heritage for most of the governments remains one of the main burning issues not only because of the high costs of its renovation but also due to investments required for its protection and maintenance. This issue is of particular importance to the Central Europe region, where a turbulent history and the geopolitical reconfiguration resulted in a large number of neglected or abandoned historic buildings, which are in need of immediate intervention to avoid their steady decay. With limited public resources available for this purpose (e.g., national and EU funds), the involvement of private financing and expertise through public-private partnership (PPP) is the only alternative to save and provide ongoing management to the unique built heritage of Central Europe. Thus, the main aim of the project RESTAURA - Revitalising Historic Buildings through Public-Private Partnership Schemes, funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme of the European Union, is to identify, test, evaluate and promote good practices of PPP in the revitalisation of historical cities and buildings. RESTAURA brings together 4 Central European countries: Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. In each of these countries public and private institutions (local authorities, research and education institutions, development agencies, PPP associations and NGOs) participate to jointly develop and implement revitalisation projects. The project is currently under way, with a duration from June 2016 throughout May 2019.

The outputs of the project are: clear strategies and action plans; access to existing tools, and the development of new ones; support for pilot actions and the provision of workshops for public authorities who aim to use PPP models to renovate and bring a new life to abandoned and deteriorated historic buildings. Within the RESTAURA project the following strategic documents have been realised:

  • Handbook on Public-Private Partnership in Built Heritage Revitalisation Projects;
  • The RESTAURA Helpdesk;
  • Integrated Built Heritage Revitalisation Plans (IBHRP) for 4 cities: Bratislava (Slovakia), Buzet (Croatia), Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (Poland), Nova Gorica (Slovenia);
  • Guidebook for Local Authorities on PPP in Heritage Revitalisation Strategies.

For more information and future project's activities, please visit RESTAURA website: www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/RESTAURA.html