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European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2019/2020

The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management is a training and learning experience fostering cultural diversity and interregional exchanges as a way of giving culture a stronger place in Europe and abroad. Through its content and methodology, this pan-European programme is specific in the way that it does not only aim at improving the skills of cultural managers in the field of cultural management, but also at helping participants to develop understanding of this field in a changing Europe. Its main aims are to empower the participants and to develop capacities and tools needed for creative cultural cooperation in Europe and abroad. Since the establishment of the European Diploma in 1989, as a follow-up of the Council of Europe's programme Culture and Regions, 570 professionals from 45 European and world countries, active in the field of cultural project management, took part in this training programme, characterised by its innovative methodological approach and European open-mindedness.

The programme is designed for project-oriented European cultural managers from public and private organisations. Applicants must have at least two years of professional experience in developing and spreading artistic/cultural projects. The training includes three elements - theory, practice and evaluation - which are organised in five stages: two residential phases that last 9 days in the partner countries of the Diploma, interspersed by a phase of field work in the participant's home country and a one-week period spent in another European region, plus one week evaluation phase. The next training session will be organised in Northern Ireland on 12 - 21 May 2019, and in Iceland in October 2019. The themes to be discussed are Europe and culture, project management, cultural cooperation, operational management of cultural projects, fund raising, etc.

Applications deadline is 15 January 2019.

For more information, please visit www.fondation-hicter.org/spip.php?rubrique62 or e-mail contact@fondation-hicter.org