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AR.CO Artistic Connections Project

EU International Cooperation Programme INTERREG IIIA Adriatic Crossborder Operational Programme

Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Italy (Puglia and Abruzzo regions) are involved in the AR.CO Artistic Connections Project led by the Local Government of the Puglia Region within the framework of the EU International Cooperation Programme INTERREG IIIA Adriatic Crossborder Operational Programme with the aim of creating an international cultural network between public administrations, cultural institutions and enterprises acting in the field of cultural promotion and production on both sides of the Adriatic Sea.

The project, the realization of which, on behalf of Puglia Region, has been provided by Koreja Theatre of Lecce, a Theatre Reasearch Institution recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture in Puglia Region, was started in November 2004 with the aim of creating a common cultural artistic space through the exchange of experiences, competence and innovative theatre and artistic work practices, strenghtening the relationship between training opportunities and the work market in the live show sector, improving the quality of the services in the field of artistic and cultural activities, with a special attention to the new technologies.

The activities realized, or still in progress, include:

  • the development of cultural cooperation between Eastern Adriatic countries and Italian Adriatic regions: soft infrastructuring of places for artistic creation and study-research activity in the form of study visits and a dossier aimed to draw an organic map of places, institutions and enterprises which effectively realize production, promotion and management of cultural services in all the involved areas, and
  • development of human resources through artistic workshops and cultural administration workshops, marketing, management and quality systems, reserved for young people employees of the institutions involved and public administrations.

A dossier about the modalities of introduction of a quality system in the cultural management is one of the activities still to be realized. Also a final sensitization seminar is programmed to take place in Rijeka with the participation of actors, directors, journalists, critics and public administrators from both sides of the Adriatic Sea.

Contact: Franco Ungaro (Project Coordinator) and Jenny Di Maio, Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Via Guido Dorso, 70, 73100 Lecce, Italy; tel./fax: +39 0832 242000; e-mail: progetti@teatrokoreja.com; www.teatrokoreja.com