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MA in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory (CSCT)

McMaster University has emerged in recent years as a national centre for the study of Cultural Studies and Critical Theory, with many faculty across a wide range of disciplines devoted to the critical analysis of contemporary culture. In 2002, faculty members at McMaster founded the Canadian Association of Cultural Studies. The English Department offers a Combined Honours BA degree in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory with a set of courses that have been phased in since 1997. And in 2004 the University appointed prominent cultural theorist Henry Giroux as the first Global Television Network Chair in Communication.

Building on these strengths, McMaster launched a new MA in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory (CSCT) in September 2005, permitting students to examine a wide range of cultural forms and expressions, from influential philosophical texts and avant-garde theoretical reflections, to materials and practices that have been typically overlooked in university study (e.g. television, cinema, cyberculture, and the practices of everyday life). The programme allows students to engage in interdisciplinary research on topics such as gender, sexuality and the body; class, race and ethnicity; postcolonialism, diaspora, and globalization; identity, subjectivity, and representation; community and justice; ideology and power/knowledge; and technology and culture.

The MA serves as both a terminal degree that provides students with the critical skills in writing and argumentation that prepare them to work in a wide range of areas (education; social and cultural policy; arts programming; radio, television and film; journalism, publishing and editorial work; technical writing and new media design; public relations and corporate communications; etc.), and as preparation for further graduate work at the doctoral level. All full-time MA candidates are offered a teaching assistantship so that they can gain some of the training and experience necessary for jobs in teaching. Scholarship funding to offset tuition costs is also available.

A list of courses for this academic year can be found at www.humanities.mcmaster.ca/~cstudies/Courses/

The deadline for applications is 15 January 2007. Application instructions and materials, as well as full programme information can be found at www.humanities.mcmaster.ca/~cstudies/MA_CSCT.htm.

For details, please email: Daniel Coleman (dcoleman@mcmaster.ca), Ilona Forgoi-Smith (forgoi@mcmaster.ca) or Antoinette Somo (somoant@mcmaster.ca).