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San Francisco Arts Institute's School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Degree Programmes

Preparing students to be engaged world citizens - as creative thinkers, artists, activists, curators, and visionaries, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) of the San Francisco Arts Institute (SFAI) now invites applications for its three new 2007 2008 degree programmes.

SFAI's program in History and Theory of Contemporary Art

The challenges posed by urbanization offer new opportunities for artistic practice through the pursuit of creative and imaginative solutions to urban paradigms. The Urban Studies

The Master of Arts in Exhibition and Museum Studies at SFAI is founded on the understanding that museums and exhibitions are both historical objects and subjects. Through this programme students develop a thorough understanding of the history and roles of institutions of modernity (museums, historical societies, archives, libraries, architectural commissions) in contemporary culture, the economy of the art world, and the politics that affect it. The curriculum comprises curatorial models, exhibition systems, institutional mediation, and education, and addresses such topics as historical preservation, heritage management, the ethics of trade in antiquities, and the complex issue of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary curating involving works understood as primarily ethnographic, anthropologic, and archaeological. (MA)

SFAI's Summer Institute also offers a low-residency MFA degree program, the City Studio Pre-College and Teacher Professional Development programs, as well as studio and interdisciplinary courses for credit and noncredit. Intensive courses range from one- to eight-week sessions, and include studio disciplines, art history and theory, study/travel, and more.

For more information about these and other programmes offered at SFAI, as well as information about how to apply, please see www.sfai.edu or call 800 345 SFAI / 415 749 4500.