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Professor of Graphic Arts at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

At the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Schools of Visual Arts a position as professor of the School of Graphic Arts is open for appointment from 1 October 2007, or at the earliest possible date thereafter.

The appointee must have a thorough artistic experience in and knowledge of the graphic arts' various means of expression as well as a vision of the development of art based on the graphic techniques. Applicants working with photography are given priority. The position is a four fifth part-time professor. A one fifth part-time guest professorship will later be announced for one year at a time. The position is to be filled for a fixed term of up to 6 years.

The appointee must be a visual artist with a significant artistic production. It is a condition of appointment that the applicant is on a recognized high level within contemporary art and has a marked exhibition profile.

Documentation of theoretical knowledge of the subject field and/or practical experience with art education on a high level is a prerequisite of appointment.

The application must contain a satisfactory account of the applicant's views on art, artistic production, and experience with communication and his/her pedagogical qualifications. Further, it is expected that the applicant give an account of his/her ideas of the possible development of the professor's school for choice in connection with one or more of the other schools during the time of employment, including an account of the organization of the education.

A CV and a list of enclosed documentation, if any, must be enclosed in the application. Documentation may take the form of photos/slides/CD-ROM of own works/projects, videos, articles, publications etc. It is stressed that the expert selection committee, who is to evaluate the applicants, shall only consider the written application and the enclosed documentation.

Application deadline is 30 April 2007 at noon.

For further particulars, please contact: Rector Mikkel Bogh; tel.: 0045 33 74 46 01; e-mail: mikkel.bogh@kunstakademiet.dk.