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The CFC Media Lab TELUS Interactive Art & Entertainment Programme

Call for Applications

The CFC Media Lab is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2008 session of the TELUS Interactive Art & Entertainment Programme (IAEP), a five-month, post-graduate residency focused on creating inventive interactive narrative projects for the Canadian and international marketplace.This is Canada's first post-graduate programme for new media training and production, based on a philosophy that compelling new media content is created through a collaborative process harnessing a wide range of creative skills, knowledge and talent. An internationally acclaimed facility, the CFC Media Lab has produced award-winning new media prototypes ranging from simulation-based interactive documentaries, to wireless storytelling networks, to interactive short films and narrative-driven media installations.

The Programme encourages resident participation from a variety of backgrounds, including programming, design, production, filmmaking, visual art, music, writing and new media. CFC Media Lab is also open to international students. Application deadline is 20 June 2008.

For more information, please contact: tel.: 416-445-1446, ext. 296 or e-mail: medialab@cfccreates.com; www.cfccreates.com