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3-Year and 1-Year Programmes at Famul Stuart School

The Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia, calls for applications in the academic year 2008/2009 for 3-year programmes as well as 1-year non-degree guest student programmes in Interior Design, Digital Media (Photography, Video, Animation and Interaction), Sculpture, Ceramics, Restoration.

An interesting and diverse array of teaching staff and mentors, professional artists and experts, domestic and foreign guests, active in their fields, ensures innovative work and knowledge, an insight into contemporary art, culture and production in the areas covered by the school. The school and its entire staff function also as a consulting body, advising on personal development and available employment options to current and former students.

Collaborative projects are promoted between students of different programmes and exhibitions, projects in broader public space and international events in close cooperation with other institutions are organized. Students are encouraged to take part and gather experience at these and other events, such as festivals and competitions.

Applicants for the three year programmes should have a high school degree and a certain level of artistic talent. If the number of applicants is higher than the number of spaces at any of the programs, the students are chosen based upon an applicants' portfolio and an interview. There is no age limit.

The Guest Student Programme is tailored individually, the student can choose from all courses and mentors in the current offer. Required qualifications include a previous higher education or professional experience in an artistic field.

Contact: Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, Bezigrajski dvor, Dunajska 56, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, tel.: +386 1 436 47 06, mob.: +386 51 33 67 70, e-mail: info@galerijagt-famul.si, www.famulstuart.si