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Research Programme La Seine

The Research Programme La Seine is to provide students with the means to develop their artistic and research in an academic environment that is oriented to prepare them for the demands of the professional context of contemporary and post contemporary art. The Programme is structured to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills relevant to both artistic thought and practice. In addition to broadening students' knowledge, the Programme La Seine aims to recreate professional working conditions as much as possible. The group dynamic and interactive nature of the Programme encourages the students to exchange their experiences in the studio as well as to develop their critical faculties collectively.

La Seine is a two-year programme. It runs for two nine-month periods starting in October and ending in June, with four to six new participants selected each year. Applications deadline is 8 June 2009.

Information on the Programme, applications and admission procedure available at the School or at www.beauxartsparis.fr/laseine/indexenglish.htm.