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Public Cultural Policy Management in American and European Countries

The Foundation Ortega y Gasset Argentina invites participation in its course on Public Cultural Policy Management in American and European Countries, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 24 and 28 August 2009. Led by Dr. Edwin R. Harvey, the course will bring together teachers, researchers, cultural managers and administrators, as well as special guests, aiming to reflect on new scenarios for national cultural policies, based on a rich comparative analysis of European and American experiences. Aspects of different national, regional and international cultural policies on both sides of the Atlantic will be analyzed, contributing to the debate of various management and administrative models of public, general and sectorial cultural policies. Visits to cultural institutions of interest are planned. The deadline for application is 14 August 2009.

For details, please contact gestionculturalfoga@fibertel.com.ar or gestionculturalfoga@ortegaygasset.com.ar, or see www.ortegaygasset.com.ar