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Independent Studies Programme at the MACBA

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) calls for participation in its Independent Studies Programme (PEI in its Spanish initials), aiming to explore the field of artistic practices that link art to the human sciences and to critical-social intervention. The Programme seeks to enhance students' capacity to participate in professional activities and their ability to articulate a critical position in regards to art and culture.

Directed by Xavier Antich, course subjects include:

  • Critical Theory. Constitutes the backbone of the Programme and addresses the different methodologies, meta-languages and tools that have been constructed in order to approach the institution of art.
  • Political Imagination. Explores the link between aesthetic activity and forms of political action, going beyond insufficient notions of art as well as of politics.
  • Economy and Culture. Seeks to investigate what has come to be called cognitive capitalism, a radical change of paradigm which is characterised by the centrality of immaterial and cognitive dimensions (among them, culture) in the processes of accumulation and value production.
  • Post-urban Architecture. Explores the ways in which cities reveal themselves with increasing clarity as diffuse and complex wholes which acquire their true dimensions as meeting places and frontiers for the general trends of globalization and the particular pre-existing aspects of the local.
  • Gender Technologies. Studies the complex theoretical legacy of feminist studies, which today constitute one of the central themes of any analysis of visibility.
  • Strategies of Desire. Explores convergences and divergences between spaces of artistic creativity and those of psychotherapy.
  • Art, Visibility and Representation. Now covers a more extensive area for the study of art and visibility which, rather than being limited to historiographical discourse, begins with the understanding that art generates a specific form of knowledge and culture which needs to be addressed in a broader, cross-cutting and multidisciplinary way.

Applicants must have a university degree or equivalent and must have a good level of both Spanish and English. The classes are given in Spanish and English depending on the professor and the subject matter.

Classes begin on 14 January 2010 and end in December 2011. The deadline for applications is 2 October 2009. Applications are only accepted via regular mail. Tuition for the full two years is 3,000 €.

Contact: Independent Studies Programme MACBA, Plaça dels Àngels, 1, 08001 Barcelona, Spain; tel.: (+34) 93 481 79 00; e-mail: pei@macba.cat; www.macba.cat