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EU-ACP Support Programme Applications

Call for Proposals

The Secretariat of the ACP Group of States invites proposals for the EU-ACP Support Programme. The objectives of the programme are: to enhance creation and production of cultural goods and services in the ACP States (Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific) in an interregional context; to support better access to local, regional, intra-ACP, European and international markets for ACP cultural goods and services and to strengthen capacities of cultural stakeholders, operators and entrepreneurs in the ACP States. Emphasis is placed on the support of South-South cooperation and special attention will be given to actions whose partnerships include the Caribbean and/or Pacific regions due to their special geographical situation. Proposed actions need to account for the economic and social dimension of culture. Therefore, priority will be given to actions with real relevance for ACP final beneficiaries. Funds will be awarded for the following sectors:

ACP Films - Cinema/Audiovisual (7 Million Euros)

a) Production (documentaries, TV series and films, animation films, full-length films, radio programmes etc.)

b) Distribution/Promotion (distribution and dissemination of ACP works, support for programming of ACP works, broadcasters, networking of professionals, digital dissemination and exploitation, radio programming.

c) Training/Professional development (developing capacities in cinema, audiovisual and radio activities to build the professionalism of these sectors in the intra-ACP area).

ACP Cultures - All cultural sectors other than cinema and audiovisual (5 million Euros)

Theatre, music, dance, written and oral literature, books and publishing, the plastic and visual arts, photography, applied arts, performing arts, development of the material and immaterial heritage, architecture, design, fashion, artisan/crafts activities, cultural tourism, etc.

Eligible non-governmental organizations (NGO) or private sector bodies, nationals of one of the eligible ACP States, the European Union or EEA Member States are invited to apply by 30 June 2011.

Guidelines and more information are available at:www.acpculturesplus.eu;www.acpfilms.eu and www.acpcultures.eu

For additional questions, please contact info@acpfilms.eu or questions@acpcultures.eu respectively.