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Ténot Fondation Bursary for Artists

Call for Applications

Camac (the Centre d’art - Marnay Art Centre) and the Fondation Ténot offer each year a residency bursary to one visual artist, one writer, and one musician or composer, in order to create new career prospects for artists. Camac, a multi-disciplinary creative centre, is located in the village of Marnay sur Seine, near Paris and offers a unique environment for visual artist, writer or musicians. Camac aims at fostering communication and creativity among individuals and groups working on the evolution of ideas or realization of works. Visual artists, writers and composers/musicians of established ability who are motivated and open to discussion on contemporary art practice and the challenge of visual arts are invited to apply. Further requirements for application include willingness to conduct workshops or make a presentation of his/her work to the public. Working knowledge of French, English and Spanish is required. The recipient will be requested to contribute one of his works to Camac's permanent collection. The selection of applicants for a two months residency will be based on project proposals. The deadline for application is 20 June 2011.

Contact: Jean Yves Coffre, Camac, 1 Grand rue, 10400 Marnay sur Seine, France; e-mail: jycofre@camac.org; www.camac.org