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Cultouring - New European Social Network

Cultouring is a new social network created with the aim to generate and establish cultural connections beyond local or national levels, and to create synergies and promote new experiences for the culture consumers. Cultouring is focused on both cultural agents and consumers, and represents a tool to establish relationships between collectives, associations or independent artists and creators in order to set up particular networking, encourage cooperation, make projects known and give them a higher visibility within a European framework.

Cultouring serves as a platform where the user co-creates content, participates, collaborates, and shares his work, initiatives, cultural hobbies and interests. Culturing users can find out about cultural activities, meet professional colleagues in other countries, and keep up-to-date with the latest works of artists and creative collectives in an effective way. To join Cultouring visit www.cultouring.eu

For more information contact the Cultouring team at becult@cultouring.eu