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Doctoral Programme in Visual Arts 2011-2014

Call for Applications

The University of Évora, Portugal is organizing a Ph.D. Programme in Visual Arts (2011-2014), taught in Portuguese and English. This doctoral programme aims to create a specialized academic space dedicated to thought, theory and creation in art and design, and their relationship with the use of new technologies and the world of science. The relationship between arts and humanities and science and technology is addressed within the three following areas of expertise offered through the Ph.D. programme:

  • arts, science and technology,
  • artistic research, media and cultural studies,
  • metamedia and design.

The faculty at the Ph.D. programme includes professors at University of Évora and invited renowned lecturers and experts. The courses are designed in accordance with the main objectives of the programme, which aims to provide current, multidisciplinary insight into conceptual, formal and practical questions in order to enable research, the development of critical thought, planning, management, design and execution of works; and to stimulate an aesthetic and theoretical perception of the more contemporary tendencies in visual arts and related disciplines. The thesis can be either theoretical or theoretical/practical with the execution of creative works.

Interested candidates are invited to apply between 15 July and 19 August 2011.

For more information, please contact: Dr. Claudia Giannetti, Director of the Ph.D. Programme, University of Évora; tel.: +351 266 757 301; fax: +351 266 703 300; e-mail: cg@uevora.pt; www.portaldoestudante.uevora.pt