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Culture Global Project - Developing Audience Engagement and Sharing Knowledge

Kettle Partnership, a UK-based research organisation, is carrying out the Culture Global Project, which aims to map and share the knowledge and practices that exist in the global cultural sector, providing practical information and guidance for cultural organisations. Globalisation and the changes to the way government funds are distributed have increased the importance of networks and partnerships, both as alternative support structures and funding partners, but also as data and knowledge gatherers. The project's objective is to contribute to a:

  • better understanding of the potential benefits of two-way audience relations, through analysing and sharing international approaches, and
  • better knowledge of how to mobilise public support for culture through building lobbying networks and public activism in support of culture.

Small and medium-sized cultural organisations, which may not have the resources to maintain international links or spend time gathering and analysing case studies, will especially benefit from this research. Analysing and sharing international approaches will enable a better understanding of the potential to drive innovation in funding models, organisational development, and the political profile of the cultural sector.

In order to identify best practice in the audience development/ marketing, collection of data/evaluation, funding models/sponsorship and digital innovation, Kettle Partnership invites strategic arts organisations across the world to support this research programme and fill out a short questionnaire available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FPGC9QV

For more information, please contact Leah Whittingham, Kettle Partnership Director; tel.: 07958 644 146; e-mail: leah.whittingham@gmail.com; www.kettlepartnership.com