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Master of Arts Programmes in Design Practice, Critical Art Practice and Visual and Critical Studies

The School of Art, Design and Printing of the Dublin Institute of Technology is offering Masters programmes in Design Practice, Critical Art Practice, and Visual and Critical Studies specifically designed for honours graduates in fine art, multimedia, design, architecture and humanities. Programmes, that have been developed in collaboration with the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, will be centred around the development and delivery of a major project which can be either practice or theory based. Key features of this approach are the integrated delivery of Masters and Doctoral research methods as well as a special series of lectures providing a survey of key ideas in the study of contemporary cultural practice.

The programme aims to provide a framework for critical interdisciplinary dialogue and enquiry that facilitates, promotes and leads the interaction between cultural practice, educational practice and the everyday world of work and innovation beyond the academy. Furthermore, it combines the self-directed ethos of graduate academic research with the structured environment.

The programme allows specialization within a dynamic mix of critical and practical disciplines in art, design and/or critical theory realized within the context of critical and philosophical debate. The series of thematic streams will reflect the current practice, scholarly and research activity of staff and will be available to students in the Project Initiation, Project Development and Project Delivery modules.

Applications are open until 23 September 2011.

Contact: Noel Fitzpatrick, School of Art, Design & Printing, DIT Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1, Ireland; tel.: +353 1 402 41 38; e-mail: ArtDesignPrinting@dit.ie; ma-adp.blogspot.com