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Charles V European Award 2012

Call for Nominations

The European Academy of Yuste Foundation makes public the call for nominations for the Charles V European Award 2012, the aim of which it is to reward those persons who, through their effort and dedication, have contributed to a better knowledge and dissemination of the cultural and historical values of Europe, and/or to the unification of the European Union.

The European Academy of Yuste Foundation created the Charles V European Award in order to reward the work of those persons who have contributed to the general knowledge and enhancement of Europe's cultural, social, scientific, and historical values, as well as to the process of European integration. The award evokes Charles V's resignation of his powers, retiring to the Royal Monastery of Yuste, where he spent his last two years of life.

The Charles V European Award will be granted by the Board of Trustees of the European Academy of Yuste Foundation at the proposal of a jury appointed by the Foundation to that end. Candidates, who should be nationals of any European country, may be nominated by a European institution, public entity, university, or cultural, scientific or socio-economic body. All nominations will require previous acceptance of the Award on the part of the candidate.

The documentation may be submitted either by registered mail, email (premiocarlosv@fundacionyuste.org), or personally to: European Academy of Yuste Foundation, Real Monasterio de Yuste, 10430 Cuacos de Yuste (Cáceres), Extremadura, Spain. The deadline for proposal submissiond is 30 March 2012.

For more information, please see: www.fundacionyuste.org