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Postgraduate Art Programme 2012-2013

Call for Applications

In addition to its graduate courses, the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (ENSBA) offers a one-year, postgraduate program 2012-2013 with an international orientation, for a small group of student-researchers who have acquired at least a DNSEP or a Master's degree. In 1999, ENSBA, convinced that the singularity of an art school depends, among other things, on its freedom to reinvent itself and fully assume its role of transmission, decided to set up a postgraduate course program for a selected group of five young artists from different geographical backgrounds, already actively engaged in an art practice. During this yearlong programme they are invited to pursue their work and will be given full access to the school's facilities and studios. The development of individual work will be nourished through constant critical interaction, the creation of a collective project and opportunities for travel. It is an articulation of elements that are too often kept separate: education and professionalism, the protected environment of the school and exposure to the world. The postgraduate programme offers and involves a social experience based on openness to the exterior, which hopefully creates a certain form of destabilization.

Deadline for the reception of applications: 25 May 2012. Interviews with shortlisted applicants: 26 and 27 June 2012

Information on the programme, applications and the admission procedure is available directly from the School or on its website: www.ensba-lyon.fr/postdiplome/candidatures.php

For all inquiries, please contact: Elise Chaney, Assistant of Postgraduate Programme, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (ENSBA), Post-diplôme ENSBA, 8, bis quai St-Vincent, 69001 Lyon, France; e-mail: elise.chaney@ensba-lyon.fr; www.ensba-lyon.fr/postdiplome/infos.php?lang=eng