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Artist in Residency Programme

Calling Africa's Artists

The Africa Centre, together with artist in residency programmes in Australia, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and the United States of America, have partnered to create the Artist in Residency (AIR) 2012 programme. The programme has been conceived to support artists from Africa who are provocative, innovative, relevant and highly engaged with both social issues and their art forms.

AIR manifests through existing artist in residency partnerships around the world, that are prepared to select an artist from a short list provided by the Africa Centre, created from a continental search, for one of their 2012 or 2013 residencies. The costs of the residency and roundtrip airfare are included in each residency award made as part of this programme.

From the applications received, the Africa Centre will select three candidates for each of the 10 residency awards on offer. These candidates will be forwarded to various Residency Partners; it is from these lists that they will select the 10 artists to be granted the Artist in Residency 2012 Awards.

The Africa Centre will announce the recipients of the Artist in Residency programme on 15 July 2012. The residencies are available to all types of artists, but each residency on offer has different durations, structures and requirements. Application deadline is 15 June 2012.

To apply or to find out more about the ten residencies available, please see www.africacentre.net/apply-for-air-2012

If you have any queries please contact the project manager at robinj@africacentre.net

Postal address: Project Manager, Artist in Residency 2012 Programme c/o The Africa Centre, 5th Floor, 28 St George's Mall, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa