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Master's Degree Cultures and Society (16th-21st Centuries)

The master's degree Cultures and Society, linked to the Knowledge, Norms and Sensibilities programme of the Centre Georges Chevrier, aims to provide training of high quality delivered by teams of teachers and researchers whose work is authoritative in the two privileged fields of the center: Social History, Institutions and Conflict, and History of the Arts, Cultural Creation and Dissemination.

The programme is deliberately international in scope, and is studied on a European scale. This research specialism, organized in two clearly defined parts, aims to make more visible the coherence of the training across the Great East of France, complementing that of the University of France-Comté.

The course is structured as follows:

Master's 1: four disciplinary courses (early modern history, modern and contemporary history, modern and contemporary history of art and musicology) are offered with the possibility of a multidiciplinary approach. The choice of options in the second term allows students to build an individualized programme which leads to their specialisation for Master's 2 research, and to the Professional Master's of Burgundy University (20th and 21st century European archives; the arts, cultural and heritage sectors). Two specialities in the teaching of history-geography and of music education prepare students for the qualifying examination for secondary school teachers.

Master's 2 research offers two possibilities: Social History, Institutions and Conflicts, and History of the Arts, Cultural Creation and Dissemination. The first term offers common courses in the history of the different artistic disciplines, methodology of the social sciences, archival and documentary techniques and languages. Research seminars on social history or the history of the arts, institutions and conflicts and creation and cultural dissemination are held.

For details, please see www.u-bourgogne-formation.fr/-Mondes-modernes-et-contemporains,229-.html#SHSMMMC

Applications must be received by the secretariat by 5 July 2012. A further selection is made in September.

Contact: Philippe Poirrier (Professor of Contemporary History), Course Leader, e-mail: philippe.poirrier@u-bourgogne.fr, or Estelle Pedebosq, Secretariat, 2 boulevard Gabriel, 21000 Dijon, France; tel.:, Bureau 144; e-mail: estelle.pedeboscq@u-bourgogne.fr