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Hydro Active City - International Contest

Gdansk, Poland, 16-18 May 2013

Hydro Active City is an open international contest searching for art projects to be presented in the public space. The organisers are looking for art works using digital media technologies in a creative approach to public space. Interactive art works involving people in the Baltic countries are especially welcome. The winning art works will be presented at an exhibition in Gdansk during an international seminar on art and public space, to be held on 16-18 May 2013.

The contest is organized by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk as part of the international Art Line project, which is co-financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund operating within the South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. Art Line is an international art project investigating and challenging the concept of public space. 14 partners from 5 countries around the Baltic Sea joined to create a cooperative platform for art and academia in Poland, Sweden, Germany, Russia and Lithuania. The platform aims at strengthening the institutions, creating opportunities for artists, and interacting with people in public space, on the internet, in exhibitions, and on the Stena Line ferries between Gdynia and Karlskrona. The project period is 2011-2013.

Thematic approach: Water is an element that both connects and separates all the partners of the Art Line project. This theme has become a natural source of inspiration to embark on a quest in search of "hydro-active" works of art. Hydro active projects are those inspired by water, to the fullest extent of the term - geographical, chemical, hydrological, literary or symbolic. They either artistically explore the term or use water as a material. The "active" element of the contest requires the artists to create projects that engage the viewer into an active experience of art. The projects should in a natural way correspond and enliven the area of Gdansk running along the channel of the Radunia river (from Wielkie Mlyny Street to Krosna Street). They should serve as a hard to resist invitation for local residents to go out and stroll in the rays of the May sun. All works are expected to be based on new means of expression and should be entirely or partially realized in digital technology.

Target Group: The contest is open to individual artists as well as teams from the Baltic states i.e. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany and Denmark. The teams need to be composed of a maximum of three people. The contest also welcomes collaborations between artists researchers, scientists and technologists.

The deadline for submissions is 1 February 2013. Contest Guidelines are available at www.artline-southbaltic.eu and www.nck.org.pl.

Contact the secretary of the contest: Aleksandra Musielak, e-mail: aleksandra.musielak@nck.org.pl or Marta Korga-Bistram, e-mail: marta.korga@nck.org.pl; Glówny Specjalista ds. Marketingu i PR, Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury w Gdansku, ul. Korzenna 33/35, 80-851 Gdansk, Poland; www.nck.org.pl