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Graduate Programme in Digital Futures (Graduate Diploma and MA, MFA, MDes)

The Graduate Programme in Digital Futures responds to the increasingly important and sophisticated role of digital technology as a 'magical catalyst' for integrating societal, cultural and economic change. The initiative is driving Renaissance 2.0 - the global digital revolution that fuses together disruptive technology and new thought leadership. This revolution is catalyzing our innovation in digital applications, products, media content, practices and services. The focus of the Digital Futures Programme is to develop "X-shaped innovators" for the creative digital industries. Each point of the X is an expertise: in art, design, science and enterprise. Graduates acquire practical knowledge in these areas but also learn to collaborate brilliantly with industry and experts across the fields. Graduate students at the heart of the X work with faculty to develop their own unique creativity, practices, and solver engine. Industry is now demanding X-shaped innovators to lead the Renaissance 2.0 into the future.

The Digital Futures Programme develops core foundation knowledge and projects in collaboration with industry. Project collaborations include interactive digital billboards, exhibitions and events, experimental mobile and social media platforms, new media art installations, digital urbanism, games design, transport and digital wayfinding. A key feature of the Graduate Program in Digital Futures is an industry partnership with the Canadian Film Centre's acclaimed CFC Media Lab. In a world that demands multidisciplinary innovation at a fast pace, the Digital Futures Programme helps to shape and nurture a new breed of innovator, contributing to the development and application of new knowledge in creative digital technology practices, content and experiences, providing insights into human needs and desires in a technologically dependent world.

Application deadline is 14 January 2013.

For more information, contact: Julian Higuerey Nunez, OCAD University, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto, ON, Canada; tel.: 416 977 6000 ext. 423; e-mail: gradstudies@ocadu.ca; www.ocadu.ca/gradstudies