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DEFAULT 13: Art, Cities and Regeneration. Asia - Europe

The DEFAULT 13 Masterclass Residency in Lecce, Italy, will focuse on the role and perspectives of public art and its implications for the social, urban context as a tool for socio-cultural transformation. DEFAULT 13 is organised by Ramdom (Lecce, Italy) in collaboration with Arthub Asia (Shanghai, China), with the support of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Arts Network Asia (ANA), and Trans Europe Halles (TEH) as part of the programme Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe.

DEFAULT 13 is a multipart project, composed of

  • the DEFAULT 13 Masterclass in Residence. Asia - Europe (Lecce, Italy),
  • several international collateral events,
  • the production of artistic urban regeneration proposals, and
  • a final publication.

Eighteen creatives and artists (9 from Asia and 9 from Europe), selected through an international open call, will be given the opportunity to discuss and try to answer the question “What is next in art, cities and regeneration?” For ten days, participants will develop their research approach in intensive workshops and seminar sessions, they will expand their networks and exchange know-how with the support of a residency curator, and they will meet international leading curators, artists, art managers and representatives of cultural and artistic organisations from both Europe and Asia.

How do we interact within the framework of broader governmental policies concerning urban regeneration? How can we tackle the increasingly politicised policies that underpin cultural endeavours in revitalising urban centres and neighbourhoods? Do artists, curators and art managers have to default to the increasingly unfeasible regeneration practices entrenched in cultural structures because there are no alternatives given?

The project was born at a time when art workers, policy makers and cultural managers are confronted with massive funding cuts in the public sector. As the art and cultural communities face the disappearance of cultural regeneration projects, DEFAULT 13 proposes to face the uncertain future of such projects.

In an attempt to deepen Western and Eastern perspectives on artistic and cultural practices, DEFAULT 13 aims to build a bridge between Europe and Asia involving artists and professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds within debates about culture and artistic production. The Masterclass will increase the possibilities in which people can create art by sharing ideas and experiences in order to develop and nurture new collaborations and networks. The works will take places at Manifatture Knos and other regenerated spaces in the city of Lecce.

At least one of the best artistic proposals will be realised after the Masterclass. A publication documenting the Masterclass and individual artist's projects will be also edited afterwards.

Applying artists are asked to submit a short project proposal that addresses the question of what is next in art, cities and regeneration. An international committee of art professionals will then select 9 European and 9 Asian artists to participate in the Masterclass.

The deadline for applications is 26 May 2013.

Please see the call and download the application form at www.ramdom.net