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Art for Oceans Project

The Art for Oceans project is an innovative long-term approach to marine conservation where art is the centre and the catalyst for marine conservation, sustainable resource management, base for business model and social change. It uses creativity as medium to engage and educate people, youth, coastal communities and businesses. The project will promote underwater art sculptures through a series of exhibitions in three locations in Indonesia, a national sculpting competition, conferences, live events and festivals to raise awareness of the necessity of marine conservation and sustainable tourism practices.

By creating alliances with artists, environmental non-governmental organizations (NGO's), marine protected areas (MPAs), government, scientists and tourism operators, The Marine Foundation aims to raise awareness about climate change threats, food security and environmental issues. The project calls on individuals, communities and businesses to rediscover the importance of healthy oceans, marine environments and waterways by joining in the promotional campaign.

In 2013, Art for Oceans will address the issue of coral reef degradation in several key locations in Indonesia through the installation of coral reef rehabilitation sculptures and the facilitation of sustainable marine management. This project will serve as a reference point for conservation efforts in the area, collect and monitor data on tourism, set guidelines for tourism and waste management, and support tourism models through which the community, tourist operators and tourists can interact with the ocean in a sustainable way.

The value added of this project is to galvanize former conservation efforts through interaction with the community, implementation of communication campaign and facilitation of sustainable marine management in Amed. The project's overall value added is that the local community, Balinese and entire Indonesia, will benefit from the communication campaign implemented during the project to raise awareness of coral reef regeneration and sustainable management of marine resources, based on the synergy of expertise of the collaborating partners, national and international experts and best practices set during this project.

The project will launch the first national art competition for underwater sculptures that serve to restore the marine habitat on 6 June, the World Oceans' Day, with an art colony for competition winners to be held in November during the World Culture in Development Forum, making use of the power of culture as a catalyst in sustainable development.

For more information please visit www.themarinefoundation.org or www.reefcheck.org