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Master of Research in Art and Design

The Master of Research in Art and Design, St Lucas University College of Art and Design, Antwerp, Belgium, offers a one-year postgraduate programme with an international orientation. A select group of artists with a Master's degree are invited to develop their individual work, for which they will receive full support.

The programme includes both supervision of the artistic research by professionals as well as theoretical input that focuses on the various aspects of the artistic research practice. Student supervision takes the form of three complementary training sections: production, documentation, and presentation. This corresponds to the actual intertwining of practice and theory, production, presentation, distribution and documentation found in contemporary art.

A team of regular and guest professors from a range of fields will analyze, situate and interpret the work of the students within the contemporary artistic discourse. In addition, group discussions are organized in each training section to help students sharpen their artistic profile. Assignments and in-depth individual discussions with the supervisors and guest lecturers will help to discover, revise or criticize 'research' in the students' own work. The relation between artistic research and possible presentation forms is considered crucial in the training. In addition to individual guidance for the end-of-year exhibition, students receive a general introduction to the exhibition system. This should not only lead to a better understanding of the actors in the field, but also to sharper insight into presentation and distribution mechanisms in contemporary art.

The admission interviews for the academic year 201314 will take place between 15 April and 13 September 2013.

Young artists seeking to expand the research aspect of their artistic practice are welcome. Holders of Master's degrees in both visual arts and design or in other subjects with artistic practice can apply with a portfolio, a letter of motivation, and a research proposal. For more information on the programme, guest professors, master classes and admission requirements, please visit www.sintlucasantwerpen.be.

For further information please contact: Wesley Meuris, Coordinator, Master after Master on Research in Art & Design, Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Sint-Jozefstraat 35, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium; tel.: +32 3 223 69 70; fax: +32 3 223 69 89; e-mail: wesley.meuris@kdg.be