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Banff Research in Culture 2014 and Artist in Residence Programmes

Distributed Intimacies: Banff Research in Culture 2014
Programme Dates: 26 May 13 June 2014
Application Deadline: 2 December 2013

Banff Research in Culture (BRiC) 2014 will investigate the cultural, social, and political repercussions of "distributed intimacies" - the processes and outcomes of new forms of mediation that have reshaped how we relate to one another, imagine ourselves as parts of groups, and constitute communities. The multiple ways in which we experience intimacy today draw attention to the complex patterning of closeness and distance that has always unconsciously structured our cultural, social and political practices. Technological developments, increased travel, the expansion of migration and immigration, and instantaneous virtual communication are fundamentally reshaping our understanding and experience of the proximity of bodies, sentiments, and ideas. Social networking and the democratization of modes of communication and media have had a profound significance for the experience of community, collectivity, and affinity.

Given the fractal character of our subjectivity - the ways in which we are necessarily the outcome of networks of intersubjective relations, experiences, and concepts - how are our intimacies constituted by the ways we live? What are the modes and machines by which intimacies are distributed, and what determines their intensities? How does the global distribution of goods, ideas and affects across oceans and continents shape forms of intimacy, belonging and community? Are local scenes and forms of collectivity (e.g., non-traditional families, polyamory, activist movements and alternative forms of political practice) enabled by new forms of distributed intimacies? In what ways do contemporary cultural and art practices participate in the distribution of intimacy? Finally, what does distributed intimacy imply for social change as well as for the politics of shaping one's own self in relation to others?

For more information please contact: The Banff Centre, 107 Tunnel Mountain Drive, Box 1020, Banff, Alberta, Canada; T1L 1H5; www.banffcentre.ca

Banff Artist in Residence (BAIR)

Banff Artist in Residence programmes offer independent periods of study where artists, curators, and other arts professionals are free to experiment and explore. Participants are provided with an individual studio accessible 24 hours a day, as well as use of visual arts facilities, including printmaking, papermaking, ceramics, sculpture, and photography. BAIR offers short- and long-term opportunities to work removed from the constraints of everyday life.

For more information and to apply: Office of the Registrar, tel.:+403 762 6180 or +1 800 565 9989; e-mail: VisualArts_Registrar@banffcentre.ca; www.banffcentre.ca/va