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Access to Culture Platform Publication

The Editorial Committee of the peer-reviewed publication by the Access to Culture Platform's Education and Learning Working Group invites contributions in the form of paper or case study, best practice, conference speech/presentation, interview or other relevant contribution, also in video format, that focus on certain aspects of the wide topic of Rethinking education: empowering individuals with the appropriate educational tools, skills and competencies, for their active cultural, political and economic participation in society in Europe and beyond. Perspectives and methodologies drawn from a variety of disciplines are welcome.

The Education and Learning Working Group of the Access to Culture Platform aims to explore the benefits of a closer synergy between education and culture within the context of the developments initiated by the EU Communication "A European Agenda for Culture within a Globalised World". In this process, the Working Group, consisting of representatives of a range of cultural networks and organizations working at the European level, explored the various dimensions of the links between education and culture. With the aim to contribute to the debate on the future of the Cultural and Education programmes, in December 2011 the Platform's Education and Learning Working Group organized a seminar in Brussels, aimed at discussing the so called "mismatch" between the cultural market and education. This event resulted in a list of 8 recommendations and in the recognition that the reform of study programmes in higher arts and culture education institutions should be based on a different philosophy of training: from teacher-led approaches with a narrow understanding of the profession, to student-based approaches taking into account the actual reality of the profession, in which professionals are increasingly asked to engage in different professional tasks ("portfolio career"), often in a self-employed context. In 2013, the members of the Working Group expressed the wish to actively contribute to the debate on communication by the Commission entitled "Rethinking the education: investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes".

The aim of the publication is to foster critical debate, stimulate innovative thinking and publish contributions written by academics, research experts as well as a broader set of practitioners, organizations, artists and people working in the cultural and education policy field.

The Editorial Committee will particularly welcome contributions which may advance the debate on how delivering the right skills for employment increases the efficiency and inclusiveness of education and training institutions, on working collaboratively with all relevant stakeholders, and on putting all the efforts in developing transversal skills. The publication will be widely disseminated in 2014 by means of activities and events in Europe and beyond, following up on the work of the Commission on the implementation and analysis of communication.

Coordinators: Access to Culture Platform and ENCATC, on behalf of the Education and Learning Working Group.

The deadline for abstracts (not more than 500 words) is 15 December 2013, complete papers are to be submitted by 30 January 2014.

For more information or to submit an abstract please contact: GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens, Secretary General, ENCATC, 18, Place Flagey, B-1050 Bruxelles; tel.: +32 2 2012912; e-mail: g.cogliandro@encatc.org; www.encatc.org