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Study Programme in Contemporary Visual Arts

Funen Art Academy is an internationally oriented independent art academy, offering a five-year education in contemporary art practices. The school puts great emphasis on an experimental approach to teaching and maintaining a close-knit and non-hierarchical community of students and teachers. The school strives to provide students with the best foundation possible for the development of a critical art practice in a globalized world.

Tuition at Funen consists of a mixture of collective teaching and individual guidance. The school nurtures a culture of discussion and critique, aiming to support the development of the students' work. A comprehensive programme of visiting artists and lecturers provides the basis for lively discussion and for a plurality of viewpoints. Funen is outside of the Bologna Process and operates without specialised departments, nor does it teach traditional artistic techniques. Students are free to work within all types of media and have access to guidance and technical assistance in collaboration with different workshops and institutions in Odense. Funen admits students on two levels: Basic Module (first - third year) and Advanced Module (fourth - fifth year).

For more information about the academy and how to apply, download the study plan and admission guidelines from Funen Art Academy's website at detfynskekunstakademi.dk/en/about-the-study

The school is open to international students and does not charge a tuition fee. There are no demands for previous education, but English language skills are necessary as teaching is in English.

The online application form is accessible via Funen Art Academy's website. Application deadline is 1 April 2014.

For more information please contact: Funen Art Academy, Brandts Torv 1, 4th floor, 5000 Odense C, Denmark; tel.: +45 66 11 12 88; info@detfynskekunstakademi.dk; www.funenartacademy.dk