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Dialogues of the South: Latin America - Africa

In collaboration with academics in other parts of Latin America and in Africa and Asia, the coordinators Cristina Cielo (FLACSO, Ecuador), Veronica Gago (UNSM and UBA, Argentina) and Jorge Daniel Vasquez (UCE; Ecuador), have been working to establish a Latin-America-based Network for Critical Thinking of the South (Red Sur). One of their first initiatives is a special issue of the Íconos social sciences journal on Dialogues of the South: Critical Thinking and Socio-political Analyses between Africa and Latin America. The objective of this thematic issue is to consider interdisciplinary debates traversing the "global south", particularly debates between Africa and Latin America. The aim of these dialogues is to promote the renovation of analyses elaborated from and between those regions.

The historical trajectories of Africa and Latin America are interconnected by such diverse forms as postcolonial geopolitics and internal conflicts provoked by the actors and processes of global capitalism. The formation and transformations of these two regions have been traversed by various kinds of internal colonialism, populist nationalisms and the emergence of debates regarding diverse nations. At different points in these histories, definitions of race have been central to the constitution of relationships of power in each continent. The present call for papers seeks to identify Latin American and African currents of thought that, from their diverse localities and histories, have been constituted in connection with other peripheral regions. The following lines of analyses and sub-themes will be considered:

  • Encounters between traditions of thought and of politics in Africa and Latin America;
  • Globalization processes and historical transformations in Africa and Latin America;
  • African and Latin American constellations of power and social movements.

Articles will be accepted in Spanish, English or Portuguese until 9 May 2014. Publication: January 2015.

Please email article submissions to: revistaiconos@flacso.edu.ec.

For more information please contact Cristina Cielo at mccielo@flacso.edu.ec; www.flacso.edu.ec/portal/docencia/perfil/maria-cristina-cielo.1259.1