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Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) - Criticism

Call for Submissions

One of the most common terms bandied about in academic circles of late is 'artistic research'. It has become a regular feature in seminars, departments are being built around it, and exhibition texts are smattered with it. Yet, as the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) - a peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Artistic Research - reminds us, the term remains elusive. What JAR offers is not so much a definition of artistic research as examples of it. Recognizing that text is only one of a number of possibilities to present research to a wider audience and taking advantage of online multimedia formats, the journal offers artists a space to unfold their research where they can use words and/or alternative modes of expressions, such as video, sound, and slide shows. The journal then provides a forum for peer-to-peer discussion.

What can critics offer artists and the public today beyond passing judgment (thumbs up/down) on the quality of art works, exhibitions, and performances and, more specifically, on this rapidly expanding field of artistic research? Can criticism be seen as a form of artistic research in its own right, responsive to this new artistic field and also a player within it? And, if so, what are the potentials for criticism in exposing its research and research methods? What might be learned from critics working with new definitions of quality and in new media formats? That is, what kinds of provocative modes of exploration into both artistic research and the practice of criticism can we expect from the critics themselves?

JAR is currently seeking submissions and reviewers on this topic for its first guest-edited issue of the online publication. Guest editor is artist and curator Mary Sherman, director of TransCultural Exchange founded in Chicago in 1989. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2014.

For more information please contact: Barnaby Drabble, Managing Editor, e-mail: barnaby.drabble@jar-online.net; www.jar-online.net