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International Summer School in Cultural Economics on the Value of Culture

Call for Applications
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 19-23 June 2014

The Centre for REsearch in ARts and Economics (CREARE) is an international foundation based in the Netherlands, and active in the field of research and educational programmes on cultural economics.

In its courses CREARE presents a broad cultural economic perspective and shows how this perspective is important for several issues and a great variety of topics, including the creative industries, the financing of cultural institutions, the future of museums, the workings of the art market, the values of cultural heritage, cultural policies, tax incentives, sponsorship, craftsmanship, cultural entrepreneurship, creative cities, creative processes, the labour market for artists, the economics of design, and the economics of architecture.

For the 6th consecutive time CREARE organizes the International Course on the Value of Culture On the Relationship between Economics, Culture and Art. The course explores the interaction between the arts, culture, society and economy using a cultural economics perspective. Participants will gain up to date knowledge about the functioning of cultural institutions, the creative industries, creativity, cultural policy, and the new economy. They will learn about the newest insights that the field has to offer, and how to apply them in their own work.

The organizer's approach is directed at gaining awareness of one's own vision and values; exploration of new or different domains of knowledge; and grounding based on the connection with one's own practices, as professional, as policy maker, as student. The course is led by professor Arjo Klamer, Cultural Economist at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and will take place in Amsterdam, on 19-23 August 2014.

The deadline for applications is 21 July 2014. You can apply by downloading the application form from the CREARE website.

For more information please contact: info@crearefoundation.nl